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Product Specifications

B-Grip  The HS Hand Strap  

Main specs

Type: Strap / Vest:  Hand Strap

Material:  Memory foam, Rubber

B-Grip-The HS Hand Strap-Camera Straps & Vests




Closing Mechanism

Threads into camera's strap

Memory Card Compartment

Not Available


Not Available


Waterproof Capabilities

Not Available

Main Features

The b-grip HS (hand strap) is an innovative upgrade for B-Grip BH. Please note – This product is designed to be used in conjunction with a B-Grip Belt Holster available separately ( see also B-Grip Handstrap Plus). B-Grip’s HS fits onto the Quick Release Plate of a BH and provides a robust, fully adjustable rubber handgrip. Ergonomically designed it gives excellent grip and comfort. The clever ‘S’ shape keeping your fingers free to operate the camera. The kit comes in two main parts. A replacement rubber mat for the Quick Release Plate mat and the strap, which connects to the to the cameras strap attachment. The Hand Strap is adjustable to suit most size hands. If required a neck strap can be fitted (with the camera hanging vertically ). The B-Grip HS is fully compatible with the other B-Grip products including the Belt Holder, Tripod adaptor and Travel Kit. The B-Grip Handstrap is available in two versions. This version is for customers who already own a BH. The Handstrap Plus is for customers who do not own a B-Grip Belt Holster or in need of an additional QRP.


Type: Strap / Vest

Hand Strap


DSLR Camera



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