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Product Specifications

ProMaster  CH60 Cine Head #7517  

Main specs

Type:  Video Head

Maximum Load (kg):  5.0 kg

Panning Range (degrees): 

ProMaster-CH60 Cine Head #7517-Tripod Heads
Description Specifications Accessories



Video Head

Height (cm)

9.5 cm

Weight (kg)

1.0 kg

Tilting Range (degrees)

Not Available

Panning Range (degrees)

Not Available

Plate Type

Quick Release Plate #7083

Additional Features

The CH60 and CH75 Cine heads handle different loads but share these features:
Both heads use a sliding dovetail quick release system. The sliding function allows the particular camera/lens combination to be moved to its best balance point on top of the head. A numbered scale next to the plate can be used to quickly find this balance point over and over again.

Head mount thread type

3/8" female thread

Maximum Load (kg)

5.0 kg


Not Available

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