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Product Specifications

ProMaster  LED Snap Studio - Large #2365  

Main specs

Type:  Light Tent


ProMaster-LED Snap Studio - Large #2365-Light Tents, Softboxes, Reflectors and Umbrellas
Description Specifications

Reflector/Diffuser properties


Not Available


Not Available

General specifications


Light Tent


1x Instruction sheet, 3x Swappable backgrounds (white, grey, and black), 1x USB power cable with wall adapter, 1x Diffusion panel, 1x LED Light bar with magnetic connectors, 1x Snap Studio shell


Use any camera with the ProMaster Snap Studio to get well-lit photographs of small objects in front of clean, non-distracting backgrounds. It’s a great way to show off arts & crafts, handmade items, antiques, and more. The Snap Studio uses clean, daylight balanced LED lighting that can be powered from a household outlet or external battery pack (not included). It is highly portable and sets up in just minutes.

Stand properties


Not Available

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