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Product Specifications

ProMaster  Professional Series Black - Gold - Silver Umbrella 60" #9958  

Main specs

Type:  Umbrella

Size:  60.0"

ProMaster-Professional Series Black - Gold - Silver Umbrella 60" #9958-Light Tents, Softboxes, Reflectors and Umbrellas

Reflector/Diffuser properties


Gold, Black, Silver



General specifications




Professional Series Soft Light Umbrella


The ProMaster Black/Gold/Silver Professional Umbrella is a silver & gold reflective umbrella. It produces warm soft, wrap around style lighting perfect for single light portraits. The silver lining means you get soft, even lighting from your strobes or flash. The gold lining warms the light slightly. The black/silver/gold umbrella provides the light output of a silver umbrella with a warming effect. The outer black cover keeps unwanted light from being reflected into your photo.
The ProMaster professional umbrella series features solid core frame construction for a lifetime of trouble free service. The 8mm solid stainless main rod construction and solid core stainless or fiber spines are designed to prevent “crimping” and stand up to the demanding needs of professionals. These umbrellas all include a convenient storage/carrying cases.

Stand properties


Fits on any stand with a standard fitting

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